Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Opinions MoreOpinions says

    You did a great job. It seemed people are a little unfriendly or full of themselves. I really expected people in LA to be a bit more warm, but it seems NYC people are more open. You did very well, thank you for going out there and doing this. Just discovered you. Will be watching more of your videos.

  2. YYT_TT says

    As an east coaster, I'm just shocked how some people wear t-shirts and skirts where others wear sweaters and coats during winter…

  3. Von Rose says

    I absolutely love the concept behind this video! Your actually hitting the streets and approaching people about their styles. It's uniquely refreshing and I hope you continue making content!

  4. GreenEyedStarlet says

    Your hair looks amazing! I love this video!

  5. Reed says

    Just subbed, about to check out some of your other videos!!! You deserve way more subscribers! Have you heard of smzeus . c o m?! You could use it to help increase your subscribers!!!

  6. God_Gave_Me_Grace V says

    Theirs my beautiful friend!! Ks back again!!

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