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  1. Wind Walk Travel Videos ʬ says

    I hope you enjoyed my walk around at LA Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, California USA.

    If you want to support my future travels, please visit:

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  2. Mark Crittenden says

    Thought I was watching a video from latin America at first.

  3. MrAdy0207 says

    It looks more like a kitsch district

  4. Otman Hunter says

    All hispanics …it's crazy

  5. T J says

    Is anyone else uncomfortable by all the looks people give the camera? This filming was so good, I felt like I was being judged by every person he passes. 😅

  6. Teewee Pagaduan says

    I am going there. Can’t wait

  7. AngelLynette says

    I love finding these area like this when I go anywhere. It’s one of the main reasons I have always wanted to travel. So always so much going on in the markets.

  8. Maria Fernandez says

    im not too familiar with LA district, but im interested on buying bags, purses wholesale anyone can give me any guidance or tell me where is that district in LA? thank you

  9. Hannah D says

    Quarantine brought me here…

  10. High Jump says

    Much entrepreneurship people in this place amazing.!! entrepreneurship=master for her self cool.!!

  11. Rishabh Khare says

    Felt Like Mexico Or Colombia…..!!!!

  12. Adam says

    Ugly ppl. Ugly ppl everywhere.

  13. Naina soul says

    Is this place safe?

  14. Joe kingdom says

    Living in the city of angeles is like
    Living in the entire world 😍

  15. Emerson Villanueva says

    Those minorities turned California into a Third world country!!! Yuck

  16. benslimane beka says

    bon video sur cette avenue sur ces magasins et cette communautée latines dz

  17. Dima Tramplin says


  18. Frank says

    Thanks from Russia-Samara mister.We are little skimpy of sunshine at this time of the year and your videos is the only whiff i can get with my giant samsung 4k screen – the smouldering sunset is all you actually need to roam around with no care in the world.You are very adept at what you do – wish you the best in satiation us poor Russians covered with snow despondentness

  19. Gilson Anderson says

    Latin neighbor! Only latin people!

  20. Sky High Temperature says

    Colombian+Mexico+Filipino+others asian= a good place for brown.

  21. Sebastian MARCIANO says

    Wtf is going on with America, them illegals make the town like it's a Colombian one.

  22. Suzukisenpai says

    Haha, so many latin people… And Music!! So lucky Music!! Like in a Brasil or Portugal – Keep the dancing =))
    Thanks for the video its cool!
    19:32 so sudden and so funny moment)
    23:09 Legendary CONTRA by KONAMI!!! The player running with a shotgun =))

  23. Martine Tarra says

    belle visite

  24. now or never says

    Is this Mexico?

  25. Common Sense says

    I used to skip school catch the bus and come here when I was 16 this is not the same fashion district I grew up in WoW this is a huge swap meet but if I can get a good deal it's all good

  26. KOREA TRAVEL says

    I really want to go there.
    Thank you for the good video.

  27. escuchandoelsilencio says

    cuantos gigas pesa un video como este?

  28. charlotte pingley says

    This is mexico people been there

  29. Amelia Rocha says

    bom vidio amei

  30. 4HikesAndTravelling says

    Love your videos but not that much saturation in colour, my friend!

  31. John Wayne says

    It looks pretty sad. Too dirty, too many dirty poor-looking people. As correctly noted below, this vid is pretty similar to your video of Divisoria in Manila. Well, here is a little bit cleaner and people are a little bit tidier but just a little bit.
    It is sad to think that previous generations worked hard to make something beautiful. At firts for themself. Like beautiful Union Station or gallant Bradbury Building. It is unlikely that they built all these nice and lovely small buildings and stylish art-deco skycrappers to be adapted to a dirty market by someone. Well, like Arcade Fire' song say – "it's already past, it's already past".
    And don't get me wrong, I don't blame anyone in person and don't say that grass was greener and lights was brighter. I just want to say that modern people should be at least a little bit more carefull for the hard and talented work of previous people who created such a cool things like a Bradbury Building. The best part of their heritage deserves it. It’s not so hard at least to not litter on the streets.
    Anyway thank you for your great work, Windwalker. We have been watching your videos for 3 years already. Great impressions and experience of sights, visions and feelings of many interesting places. Good job.

  32. Bhavesh Solanki says


  33. wakeupscreaming says

    Is it just me, but more and more it looks like some town in Mexico?

  34. 山元宏之 says

    very good😊 thank you very much🤗 ありがとう😉👍🎶

  35. Sukay Smith says

    wow this is sooo nicely done!!! love it…its so much fun going down there! the food is soo good too and I love the atmosphere and the bargains..I love. LA you should do olvera street …keep the videos coming im spreading your you tube page to my friends I love it

  36. HD Street 750 HOG riders says

    I remember the divisoria and recto in Manila. Almost the same sidewalk vendor🤭

  37. Cal7333 says

    I love this place I've bought a lot of great memoribilia from here. Thanks!

  38. Tracy Morgan says

    This reminds me of fordham road in bronx, new york

  39. János Oláh says

    Thanks for sharing!!👍👍

  40. Shui Ki Cheung says

    Happy New Year 2020! L.A. China town lunar new year rat year!

  41. AzulBlue says

    Love you account , work and quality!. Congrats for your page.

  42. dale cupar says

    what kind of fashion? adibas, nyke, hogo boss, raebok, kalvin clein

  43. Si Cooper says

    A pretty eclectic if somewhat chaotic area 🐙

  44. johntgr says

    That looks more like Mexico than the U.S.!

  45. Lynn Childers says

    every time I’ve gone to the fashion district I’ve had someone try to take my purse, seen a ladies purse taken, seen a fight….no thank you not worth the crime that goes on there! And it’s trash and very loud…

  46. sine matik says

    Thank you.

  47. Prince Erick says

    Finally,Have Waiting Many Years For This Video❤️

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