Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Joe Homeless says

    Sounds like a fun place to vacation.

  2. Boyd Gilbreath says

    25% increase is negligible when the President is a common criminal calling for violence, and every one owns multiple guns. I recently had to restrain a friend who wanted to go "protect" his child in an active shooter situation. He always has a pistol in his pocket. He was brandishing it as he worked himself up into a black rage. I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't received a text from the school that the situation resolved peacefully.

  3. Vince Hernandez says

    Where’s Maxine Waters I thought she was patrolling the community????

  4. ezrhino100 says

    policing is not about pay. its about serving your country and not assaulting taxpayers. these guys already make six figures. do you?

  5. Powwow Trip says

    They still will vote Biden. Also vote all their politicians back in.

  6. Red Pill says

    No sympathy. You get what you voted for. Now deal with it.

  7. Melony Mercado says

    And yet they want to continue defunding police.

  8. Larkinchance says

    You trying to compete with FOX?

  9. ezrhino100 says

    note to self: don't wear gold chains in the hood.

  10. Hurdy Gurdy says

    Defund the police or have a higher rate of crime? Police serve and protect. Not every police officer is a bad cop. BLM uses an app called ActBlue to collect their money, and the color blue is associated with law enforcement . The money goes to support the Democratic Party. BLM does not give this money back to the communities that they are advocating for. Follow the path of the money because it always tells the truth.

  11. Harold Kirkland says

    The crime rate is rising everywhere. Republican states included.

  12. trappy amby says

    Take your medicine!

  13. voracious viewer says

    I think they did an experiment like LA with rats starting in the 1940s, ran it more than a few times with little variance in results. In theory, it has been debunked as a model for a human societal breakdown but in practice, I can't find fault in its conclusions. Utopia, euphoria, paradise, perhaps not meant to be places of permanent residence. Or maybe it's just hard to enjoy the summit if the bodies of those who died trying to reach it have piled so high that they meet you.

  14. Jason Wallace says

    Oh, the Reckoning…

  15. Uchiba Uki says

    And they want to defund the cops 👮‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

  16. Roberto L says

    Keep on defunding the police. How's that working out for you?

  17. Marty Smelnek says

    nbc…nothing but crap. TV makes teletardies

  18. James Waters says

    They are going to take away your guns? Well that'd be the best news of my entire life. Lapdog, '78.

  19. michaelc888 says

    Democratic Party and BLM wants to create a mad max world to live in.

  20. Steven T says

    Another democrat run city being flushed down the toilet 🚽

  21. Lexmark Staples says

    You know what this means Trumptards, we must all go out there and buy more weapons! And continue to fund the NRA and weapon manufacturers!

  22. Jimmey Mcgee says

    Really omg no reason your an idiot! There are no jobs an no food on the table Can’t believe I had to spell it out for you now that don’t make crime right but that the reason the normal flow of life has changed. And it’s gonna get worse

  23. I like how the cops, mayor, governor all beat around the bushes. TRUMP and his billionaire corporate buddies along with his MAGA cult refuse to pass and support GUN CONTROL LAWS. You would not have these many shootings and murders.

  24. DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says

    The Crime will only increase as more people lose their jobs and become homeless!!! Not too mention all the corruption with Law Enforcement and Politicians. Tough times ahead defend and protect yourself!!!!

  25. teddybouka says

    All the jobs are leaving, get the F out of LA if you can.

  26. incendie21 says

    "Increased Violnowence in LA". The thieves stole the spellchecker.

  27. Mike says

    LA is turning into a 3rd world shithole, no wonder people who have the means to leave, are fleeing as fast as they can. any leftovers who stay will eventually be a victim of a crime.

  28. rodeo o says

    this what you get for listening to the blm/antifa ashles,,fire your extreme corrupt politicians,,this happening mostly on democratic runned cities states,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  29. Black powder Productions says

    Poor paradise seems as though it’s slipping away , blessings to all the lost loved ones , 🙏💞

  30. 5252rpm says

    Heard that people from LA are moving to Detroit.

  31. Marie Brown says

    Surprise, surprise, another Dem city!

  32. Fernando Peña says

    Y luego van a culpar a los demócratas mientras todo esto está pasando bajo la administración de trump.

  33. Saulito Bandito says

    here in Fresno there have been 568 reported shootings this year so far..
    in the past week there have been 7 murders and recorded the 51st homicide of the year.

  34. Forrest Pugh says

    Really?!? Come on Criminals! Be nice! Please?!?!? The Democrats are giving you freedom, free stuff, and free reign. What's wrong with you guys?!?!

  35. James Madison says

    Violent Governments begat violent populations…

  36. Victor Plancarte says

    surprised Pikachu face

  37. TheScorpioTechno says

    defund… strip and pull apart the police… lol what did you think would happen ???

  38. Jeffrey Gurwitch says

    Thank the voters and leftist ideology, CA has been all Democrat for how long? This is the result

  39. JJ G says
  40. JJ G says
  41. JJ G says
  42. JJ G says

    This is all planned. Phase by phase. This will all get fixed after whatever results they want are achieved. There should be protests about this! FIX OUR STREETS

  43. Ashley Hockenberry says

    Less police equals more crime
    More crime begets more crime
    More people leave the city
    More businesses leave the city
    Tourism dies
    This is the new normal

  44. AninoShinobi Poetry says

    let the activist community, local politicians council shitheads and the celebrities deal with it.. They want abolishment of the police.. let them form their own militias.. no matter how you look at it they are at faults at this.

  45. FixingKnight says

    You voted these politicians in office. Now shut up and take it.

  46. Daniel Hew says

    Time to use the Army on gangs.

  47. Stelio Kantos says

    “…there’s not a single clear explanation anywhere on why it’s happening.”

    Whatever you say, pal.

  48. Avery Lu says

    I wonder why

  49. GMo Caz says

    You mean all of the social workers aren’t cutting crime?

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