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  1. Hungry Passport says

    📚 L.A. travel guide (Kindle) 👉 http://a-fwd.to/5h1n0Kk
    ☀️🏙 Check out all our videos on L.A. 👉 https://bit.ly/2Y8RPXQ

  2. Thishanthi Pathirage says

    🤣🤣Hollywood is safe. I can't believe that

  3. I'm watching this before moving to L.A❤✨✨❤💖😋

  4. Mukesh Mali says

    Someone take me here please

  5. GAMING Dinosaur says

    They made a city after a game! Awesome! I never played gta 5 🙁

  6. Clarissa Gonzalez says

    Who’s watching this because they are going to La and it’s their first time

    Question: is it still hot? Because I’m going to a party and it’s a pool party and I don’t wanna get in if it gonna be cold

  7. inas inas says

    Everyone who lives in LA you guys are so lucky 😔i live in a fuQing ugly far village 😠😠😠😠

  8. Yesica vega says

    Those places are amazing ❤❤🥰🥰

  9. BIG ELEE says

    i wish that i could in cali forever

  10. SushiFN says

    La looks so beautiful but I live in NY so i wouldnt know

  11. TeddySoftiie says

    Should I move to LA? It's really convincing.

  12. Mike Black says

    My question is performer in Hollywood California and Los Angeles

  13. Khalid Hamid says

    We visited LA in June 2007 with my family. It's a really amazing city in the golden state. I drove from LA airport to my hotel but I never drove lefthand drive in my whole life.

  14. koala lps plays says

    Im watching this but ive lived in la my entire life lol

  15. fat keed says

    Sooooo stupid

  16. Mushtaq Ganai says

    Absolutely amazing faithful information for everyone thank you very much.👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏

  17. Alpaca says

    I’m Aussie and I kinda want to go to live in America

  18. Ali Dinmohammad says

    love LA from Iran

  19. Vijay Vijay says

    I will comming in LA….

  20. tannikka Smith says

    Me: l really wanna move to L.A but corona

    Radom person:hell no l ain't letting u

  21. Mage Fixler says

    First thing, is don't go. Lived in Los Angles my entire life up until I moved to Asia 4 years ago. Los Angles is a 3rd or 4rd world city, you don't realize it until you have traveled some. I have been all over Asia and I would compare Los Angles to Jakarta Indonesia for pollution, traffic and poverty. It also similar to Bangkok for traffic pollution but also danger & sleaziness. To compare L.A. to first world cities like Tokyo, Singapore or Seoul is laughable. Sorry when I grew up in L.A. in the 1970's, it was a first world city, but it's just gone.

  22. Tampereen fani says

    68 f water is cold?

  23. Ms lamborghini says

    Daaaaaaaamn my dream to see my city "LA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. tommy raines says

    Is west Hollywood and Westwood is the same area or different? Idk I never been to la

  25. donna Fernandez says

    Awesome content 😎

  26. Mad Max says

    The only Los Angeles I can visit is in

    GTA 5, btw love from India 💓😅

  27. MarinaQuween -. - says

    I live in belgium and when i will be older (i'm 12) like 20 y old idk then i'll 100% go live there cuz it's my biggest dream ever

  28. Da Jad says

    Right now I’m in Manchester I driving there

  29. Da Jad says

    I moving to los angles

  30. mahakal baba says

    Even people are created perfectly in GTAV game, the way girl is walking at 3:33 Hatsoff to developers, they have minutely focused on the game.

  31. Brenda Kamali says

    LA used to be a nice city but the Democrats destroyed it 😉😢

  32. FTC Tattty says

    Is there

  33. Demonte Allen says

    Im watching this cause I’ll be visiting for the first time soon

  34. Misty Paul says

    whats the best way to go there

  35. это очень круто!

  36. The Driscoll Family Uk says

    Super vlog 🎥👌

  37. steven_gamingBoy Roblox says


  38. Rafael legaspi says

    the quality of life here in LA is the best out of any other state you have everything

  39. Mapz Game says

    Watch out for those mk2 oppressors .

  40. Andy Parker says

    Ohhh. …..L.A. I was there for 3 years Now, Back to London….
    Whoever saw my Comments like and Reply what you feel about it

  41. RedroomStudios says

    why say LA has 4 million people… when you are showing the LA metro area? the metro pop is about 13 million. this s a huge place!

  42. Ralvix says

    omg I can't wait to live in LA.
    Brazil is dead.

  43. arunava ghosh says

    Nice informative vlog

  44. Something Good says

    i've been to Los Angeles before

  45. qamar says

    I m from india and my dream city is LA……

  46. Jugo Kiss says

    Sandra Bullock lives in Los Angeles. I would like to see Legoland if I could.

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