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  1. No More Orange says

    Trump’s Health Care Plan: First Trump says “we have a plan”, then when pressed, he says, just 2 minutes later, “we will come up with a better plan”. So he really does not have a plan, other than: 1. Totally cancel Obama Care. 2. Re-implement everything that is currently in Obama Care. 3. Put his name on the “old” Obama care plan. Great plan? Well maybe for a con. Remember, he had 4 years to “come up with” a better plan. He never did that because he cannot and will never create an alternate better plan. How stupid does he think we are to believe anything he says when he contradicts himself in just two minutes? Why is Trump desperately lying about so many things (Like he did a great job on Covid – yes great job ignoring our excessive death rate compared to the much lower death rates in other countries) Wake up Trumpists – This pathetic Liar wants to make America fascist so he can continue avoiding paying for his crimes.

  2. Paul Zenir says

    i love shiffs new name WATERMELON 🍉 HEAD

  3. Nita Helton says

    Yes we do stand with you now take shifty Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie and put them in quarantinemoe prison for Treason against the President Donald Trump and the American people

  4. Common Sense says

    Omg I will
    Be there meaning watching from YouTube ✊🇺🇸

  5. Thomas Moore says

    Schiff is one of many corrupt Democratic politicians. It's time to vote this lying leaker out of office. 😎🇺🇸✌️🇺🇸🎃

  6. john mullens says


  7. So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  8. Jeff PATRIOT says

    What happened at the standard hotel Pencil Neck ?

  9. Dingleberry jeff says

    Bet it gets shut down

  10. WHAT WABBIT HO says

    Thanks to the Democrats I went out and purchased 25/ 30 round mags and 5.000 bullets!
    When can I Use them? ……..Concerned Patriot!

  11. RastaRafi says

    Trump 2020

  12. Robert Myers says


  13. Rail Rider says

    GET ER DONE!!!!!!!

  14. Catherine Jasin says

    Oh, please, unseat schitt for brains.

  15. Hillbilly Caucus says

    I can't be there but CRUSH'EM!!!!!!!

  16. goldwildbill says

    hang the crooks!

  17. Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films says

    Trump voters need to show up big-time Nov 3rd!! Take nothing for granted 🇺🇲 Please Pray4Vote4Trump 🙏✝️🇺🇲

  18. Doug Pursell says

    I hope he beats Liar schiff to a pulp

  19. old train says

    If we can get rid of adam shift it's a start in the right direction.

  20. Dona Herndon says

    Talking about political corruption will not stop it.
    How about some action?

  21. james james says


  22. Trump 2020 greetings from Brazil

  23. cudablue1218 says

    Hello all. Lets see if anything will change

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