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  1. Judas Iscariot says

    It's weird how "gentrification" has become a derogatory term.

    People who own a home in these areas actually love gentrification. All it means is that people who can afford to invest in properties and businesses start moving into an area so it stops being a crime and drug infested slum.

    Then they spend several minutes talking about how severe the crime and gang violence was in the area and that resulted in a heavy police presence and their conclusion is "because racism!"


    Get out of here with this nonsense.

  2. Subodini Herath says

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  3. Ronald Silva says


  4. AncientSerpent says

    he needs to grow up before he has any memories

  5. Cesar Martinez says

    Born and raised in LA til my teen years I can say that you find more diversity in Whittier Blv than in sunset. Su set blv is where many turinst go and where locals usually don't ever step foot.

  6. Zhou Kai says


  7. Pineapple Express says

    This ist L.A. this is a fukkin tourist walk

  8. Larry Azz says

    This wasn't the Los Santos they told me about; where's dem flying bikes, flying cars, 1-0 Lzzz Tryhards and the orbital cannon?

  9. Violet Sky says

    3rd generation Californian born in DTLA. surf's up

  10. Gloria Devos says

    Isn't it interesting that no one brought up the fact that the US Government bought the territory which became California. As for the gang issue, so sad that the police are impeding the gangs business model but not to fear, we sent most of them back to their country of origin, look it up.
    California voted for all of the policies that drove housing prices and taxes into the stratosphere so since they asked for it, they should enjoy the consequences by staying there and not moving to my State of Texas! Last week our gas prices were at $1.51 per gallon of regular gasoline. I promise you that California's prices were nearly double and that's all because of a Bill to impose any new tax rate on gasoline any time they want and as high as they want without asking permission from anyone. These forest fires they're dealing with is because they haven't done proper forest management for the past decade which created the conditions for these fires. Every time a liberal governor was voted in, he would shift the budget for maintenance and expansion of infrastructure to feel good garbage that was pure waste. Yet, these people keep believing the next lie they come up with. What a bunch of idiots.

  11. Joey Remo says

    From cop to hooker

  12. Luis Mendoza says

    Don't glamorize ghetto… This neighborhoods are awful and dangerous

  13. K W says

    Idiot. You had to lose all your credibility with the racist sad card. Get over it.

  14. Adhyantoro Kusumo says

    What's the opening song?

  15. Ash Edwards says

    This was almost a good watch.

  16. Julian Elorduy says

    This is basically California's Gold except with a really hot Huell Howser.

  17. Eric DeLaCerda says

    I love L.A. I always respect my neighborhood, awesome to know this about my beautiful city and different cultures viva mexica

  18. Luke Hadley says

    Vice does an excellent job race baiting

  19. Luke Hadley says

    Stop gentrification keep the area a dangerous s*** hole

  20. Luke Hadley says

    Vice is racist

  21. rumpleforeskin73 says

    So you were an intimidating presence in the neighborhood for many years as a leader of one of the local gangs…
    "Yeah. Times were wild back then. All the gang banging. Everuthing was fast moving. Running from the cops. Fighting. Robberies. Everybody was out her getting money, selling drugs, hustling, doing what we did in the gangs. The gangs owned these neighborhoods. The neighborhoods were the gangs. "
    But now with all the gentrification and the policing…lots of people see it as racist.
    "Yeah man the cops came in here and starred arresting everybody because they're all racist. It ruined the neighborhood. Now it's boring and it's got no flavor.

  22. Fringeless says

    Who's the blonde @ 10:08

  23. Mickey Vidakovich says

    She's got serious vocal-fry. Not to mention fucked up ethics. Kicking gangs out of beautiful neighborhood is racism. Right. And what 35 year old gets squealy while passing a place where One Direction gets their tattoo's. ?

  24. Quintin James says

    @raremedium is right Chaplin had nothing to do with A&M records. That's a fact.

  25. Christopher Browne says

    "This was always a Mexican City". Wrong! It was Mexican for a period, yes, but before that it belonged to Spain. Then before that it belonged to the native indigenous peoples.

  26. Blake Fin says

    Who hasn't received oral sex from a hooker in their BMW?

  27. jj oo says

    Don't worry. Mexicans are racist too. Instead of eliminating a percieved racism, they turn around and do real racism and discrimination.

  28. Lazaro Rodriguez says

    What happen to LA is the same thing that happened in NY(Queens n Brooklyn n Harlem)
    It’s crazy….The Government and Real Estates are definitely working hand n hand to get Rid of BLACKS/LATINOS…..

  29. Javier Rivera M says

    Blowing her nose at the table?

  30. Carlos Villegas says

    I do Uber justo so i can drive through Sunset Blvd, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific coast, beautiful areas, beautiful girls.

  31. Sean Flanagan says

    She is low key 🔥 even with the 80s shoulder pads lol

  32. M T says

    "in out particular case this spot was vacant" dude that doesn't make you not a gentrifier.

    gentrification is not about kicking physically someone out of the neighborhood, is about outbidding someone if you arrive and you pay more than the locals can pay, even if you were the only bidder, that makes you a gentrifier, because you are helping rise the market price. Vendors realizing they can get that much rent from you will make them ask for more rent in the future everywhere else, you don't see it as a direct consequence of your action, you don't see it as "oh, let me kick this people our of here so you can have the store"

  33. Alan Goodwin says

    Ever notice that Vice hires inexperienced people to host their crap? It’s like a high school oral presentation. No professionalism at all…..Some of her facts are incorrect as well.

  34. David Miyamoto says

    It's not the restraunts or the stores. It's the people that have been moving in. They spoiled it just like downtown. Why didn't they just move or move to south pasadena.?They can justify it but…..No more artists , no more punk rock (or rock and roll) no more aboriginal people…just a boulevard of scensters who want to be seen. They are Starbucks.They killed a culture. The people themselves don't want them there. Why would someone want to come to a " party" they were not invited to? I lived off of Sunset in Echo Park and east Hollywood. The main danger is bringing in people who are afraid of the very city they want to be apart of. Know your place, keep your head up and be respectful and the only " danger" your most likely to find can be found in any other lower income city in Los Angeles. It is difficult to bring in social mores to a city or boulevard that already has its own mores. You can't just overtake a community and think that's cool. Pushing people out of their communities is not cool. Keep your restraunts, gardens,your own cognitive schemas about what is o.k and listen to the residents or ex residents and how they feel. Believe it or not, you have not only displaced the people, but the culture as well. P.S and they complain about the rent prices. They or some I should say want to buy there way into " gentrification" How cool is that? That is ironic. P.S.S why didn't vice interview the counterculture artistic people. I think, because your narrative would have been lambasted.P.S.S.S stay out of parks at night. Lol

  35. Michael Fox says

    I lived in Echo Park and in East Hollywood decades ago. It was a good time, bad time, dangerous time, but this video is mostly bullshit

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