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  1. patrick says

    Any fire in LA is a trash fire.

  2. randy tabron says

    Fire bugs no climate change

  3. Just Bored says

    You go around California and you wonder why all the homeless people here have southern accents…wonder where they came from..

  4. Just Bored says

    It’s lazy to say that LA is like this because of the mayor, or liberals or anything else. The truth is, the condition that our major cities are in (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, New Orleans etc.) is a testament to our failure as a country.

  5. Jimmy Hu says

    MAGA is really working great!

  6. Hobo Dan says

    Keep voting blue
    And this will continue

  7. Western rider 100 says

    We must face reality as these 8,000 plus fires has two cause ….. global warning and Trump's racist hateful anti immigration policies. So , we wait to see what happens during and after the elections and eagerly await the corrective measures that the DNC will be taking to prevent this community wide hazard.

  8. cordel666 says

    lol someone is tired of homeless shantys so there burning them out thats whats going on the rich are burning out the homeless

  9. Boyd Gilbreath says

    Lots of videos blaming the homeless. trump wants more homeless, a lot more. He calls then losers and suckers.

  10. Paradigm Shifting says

    In the words of Usher. Let it burn.

  11. John Johnson says

    When your state is literally a dumpster fire

  12. Fred Williamson says

    Wasn't it democrats who protest and say burn it all down ?

  13. Trap Soul says

    California is turning into Venezuela everyday it’s so sad to watch it unfold

  14. Trap Soul says

    Democrats really ruin everything they come in contact with

  15. Irv K says

    The increase in arson fires is no doubt all those nice "protestors".

  16. Slippery Photon says

    We have dumpster fire in the White House. Vote the arsonist out!

  17. Emcee Squared says

    Who can be blamed besides California’s incompetent leaders?

  18. Joshua Young says

    I always see these comments from people who don't live in LA blaming democrats. Im just curious what you would do with the homeless people?

  19. Brinson Harris says

    So it’s a literal as well as metaphoric dumpster fire. That’s my time—you’ve been a wonderful audience.

  20. John Smith says

    Sh ithole

  21. Giovanni Hernandez says

    And you guys still want to vote for Democrats.🤦‍♂️our state is the laughing stock of America.

  22. richard none says

    burn baby burn that will help get the homeless out of town

  23. doinken says

    Every fire in la is a trash fire

  24. B S says

    It's all the meth addicts and opioid abusers. CA is expensive, drug habits are expensive, they chose the drugs and end up on the streets, get high and become negligent. That's a pandemic they don't want to talk about…

  25. Ram Johnston says

    Los Angeles should be rename Los Homeless

  26. Tommy Gunn says

    The L.A. Arsonist

  27. Tommy Gunn says

    Its because there has been a 100% increase in Garbage!

  28. Thomas Jaramillo says

    The new green deal

  29. youcanfoolmeonce says

    When desperate people have no recourse, they burn. A sign of declining society and capitalism.

  30. SL0TH 85 says

    All the fire in the world can't rid California of dead wood. Just stop trying.

  31. Gen X says

    2020 is the worst!!

  32. Victor Yates says

    So if rent prices are lowered, the number of fires will decrease. Lower the rent LA landlords and stop the fires.

  33. Buy AlitaDVD says

    Same thing here in Portland Oregon just like tent fire's! Homeless crack heads!!

  34. Chefblaze702 says

    Its called the local democratic govt

  35. Hephaestus says

    How can there be trash fires inside of a trash fire?

  36. Wesley Mendez says

    La has always sucked. This aint new

  37. Angela S says

    #homeless move them to mental state properties, rename for multipurpose ( our taxpayers pay for years)transform them to safety zones, there is security, Restrooms & plenty of room ; tents/trailers .. place for social services to engage.. safe place., hub there is more coming all forms.. some people just need a place just to check in & go to work..temp place etc..
    Out of Control for too long. No real problem solving, is of a reflection of today’s status, for them to scatter, what is that ??!? Even #Veteran properties, one next Venice Beach.
    Toxic, OXI ❗️
    #mayors #countysupervisors #orangecounty , #drbencarson
    #santamonicacitycouncil #potus #congress
    People should not be subject to no loss/fees under the #gov shutdown. Element along with the shutdown, should execute creditors to stop billing taxpayers Essentials NOW & the future.. not Wells Fargo giving out food.. no one is really addressing the big gun creditors.. Dec will be 10 months from March
    Again no real problem solving..
    #secondstimlus #landlords, #leases #foreclosures #mortgages #ca #nm #az #texas #propertymgt #renters #evictions #schoolloans #collegestudents #publicschools
    #teachers #parents #businesses #hairsalon #household #tax
    All #taxpayers should join into a coalition in each state and audit all systems we pay into & shave it down. Make a bare essentials list & submit to the public servants & Admin, get it ready for the next president..
    We are sitting ducks, they live on a different System.. The service isn’t ever us first.. ,delay & wait, wait, wait.
    Homeless & not homeless & biz are all clogging up .. sitting ducks, Stand Up.. #taxpayer, rule is you do not talk about party or what president you want.. imposed stuff is. NO NO
    Just vote freely.. stay on target 🎯 it is our bare essentials !!!! Our System, we the #Taxpayers .

  38. Joseph Papsidero says

    LA is a third world cesspool. There are cities in mid income nations like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur where you don't see the nonsense that is on display daily in LA. It is a national embarrassment.

  39. bob theworkerman says

    People are tired of the homeless

  40. Cpt Falcon says

    Obviously global warming

  41. Victor Farias says

    Maybe it's undercover cops burning things down. " Bad" "Donut"

  42. Thomas Stecyk says

    Here is an idea, get one of those gut trucks out there. Then collect data on who wants a hot breakfast. then so on.

  43. Troy Miller says

    I moved from L.A. in 2005 and I'm not a native but I would never live there again.

  44. Fuck You says

    That's because liberal shits don't punish the people responsible.

  45. Gary Nelson says

    Jim Morrison was homeless in Venice Beach. Blame him.

  46. Lucifer Serpentking says

    Make a huge fire and throw all the homeless people into it.

  47. DR. Beavis The Great says

    This is what you get when you elect democrats; riots, looting, lawlessness, chaos AND MURDER . And this behavior is lauded by the lying media and the dem politicians.

  48. Amy C says

    If I lived there and these people had their trash piles outside of my house…I guarantee there would be some hot action going on! The whole city smells like pee and there is human poo everywhere! Animals…

  49. P. D says

    Burn, cali, burn.

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