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  1. Kenneth Lahart says

    The problem with that is no person that can survive at 6000 feet without oxygen… And to carry an oxygen tank in close proximity to jet exhaust would be catastrophic. Other thing… At 6000 feet, without have insulation, at any speed, you would literally freeze to death. Sorry, but people should really think before opening their mouth.

  2. Marty Mcfly says

    A human in a jetpack get more coverage than an alien in a disc

  3. Copitzky Michael says

    Nah man there aren't jetpacks

  4. Imnicee NGL says

    It’s time boyzzz the end times are here

  5. Adineia Oliveira says

    06770 naugatuck USA ct 58 highland Ave

  6. Jungleme A Princess says

    Can anybody nice and chatty suggest me any good channel with real news , that matter ? peace

  7. Darth Dulla says

    Aliens are about to attack

  8. J Blank says

    It was E.T. finally going home because the Earthbis infested with virus.

  9. garry smith says

    iron man

  10. Kay Ndi says

    Talk about beating LA Traffic.

  11. dr Lucky says

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  12. Dr. Manhattan says

    It wasn't a Jetpack. It was Elvis

  13. Dora Maar says

    100$ on Elon Musk.

  14. smokeyfreshhh says

    clearly its tom cruise promoting Top Gun

  15. ryan thomas says

    Barry Steakfries is that you?

  16. Sea Now says

    That’s Superman running from the turd in the WH.

  17. KITT28 says

    CEO says that no jetpack can fly at 6,000ft the pilot of the plane says it was flying fast and was shinny. a 747 on landing is going 180 mph, could be a alien air craft,

  18. Jays Mart says

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  19. ART - ANIMALS - LIFE says

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