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  1. Madison 123 says

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  2. Ty Crowther says


  3. michelle wu says

    Anyone still watch this video?

  4. FelineRock68088 says

    At 1:10 there is a billboard with Kurt cobain. We where watching this at school and I got excited when I saw that

  5. Richard Ramirez says

    I’m ready to move to LA

  6. nina dark says

    1:11 love this momment

  7. Amari Morris says

    I'm in love 😍

  8. micheal doph says

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  9. Menuh menuhin Youtube says

    I want to destroy ballas

  10. Ali Dinmohammad says

    I live in Los Santos

  11. Carlos Ovejero says

    Do I need to rent a car if I stay a week in LA as a tourist?
    European who never visited the US

  12. Creeping Menace says

    Do not go here. It is bad.

  13. jawun love says

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  14. Jason Baggett says

    0:53 Love this moment

  15. Louisa Martinez says

    Sidney’s tour was awesome!! Loved Los Angeles before it became what it is now. 😞

  16. Arun Choudhary Vlogs says

    Welcome to los Santos. The city of saints. Rockstar 🎮

  17. Avishek Ganguly says

    WOW!! What a City!!

  18. Sergiy Kondratenko says

    Budget Smartphone for you : https://youtu.be/O6iOVurf2OY

  19. Rooney i0 says

    LA or NYC

  20. PinkStar says

    My interest about LA began with GTA SA then ı fell in love with LA after GTA V.

  21. Daphne White says

    1:11 love this momment

  22. 김아로멍멍aro tv says

    La oh i wanna go there with my puppy . So i work for my trip from korea

  23. Jenette Jess says


  24. Askar Mambetaliev says

    Start planning your next summer vacation for the largest hot lake in Europe – https://youtu.be/ssCyz0Pbfb0

  25. jilO Liu says

    Love this video

  26. traviyon gooden says

    1:25 So funny

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