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  1. Mr. Nobody says

    Kelsey Schenck 27 from California was on a live Facebook feed claiming she has COVID-19

  2. anthony pucci says

    cops need to shoot the looters

  3. alex uboldi says

    seeing all these types of videos ,I say , what would it have looked like if the guy was white ?

  4. Supreme victory Channel says

    End all violence or police brutality ☮️✌️

  5. Joseph Van says

    Find out who is paying the fines and go after him or them for fomenting riots.

  6. Dave C says

    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

  7. Andrés Sergio says

    I just recently started trading with peter Scott I got my first payment of $7500 yesterday directly to my Bitcoin wallet it was so wonderful I am really glad to have Peter scott as my manager I really appreciate him

  8. Hello_ YengLOL says

    Wow just one man died..
    Then the whole Country got evolved because George Floyd Death.
    And Donald trump

    They should fire Donald Trump…
    He is racist, White, and the worst president I have seen in history.

  9. Afif Wahyudi says

    Los angeles❤️🇮🇩i'am from Indonesia

  10. Kim Fardy says

    This is the most ridiculous report. All the protests have been peaceful. Yes there were some violent results a week ago but it was incited by the police in full riot gear using inexcusable force. Also I was at the Hollywood and West Hollywood peaceful protests. There were around 10,000 people there NOT 500. Starting the report by filming boarded up businesses immediately undermines the whole movement. Thanks for nothing Erin.

  11. drstrangeluv25 says

    Defund LAPD, biggest threat to our freedoms.

  12. J M says

    "peaceful" after they cant overrun the police anymore because the national guard is there.

  13. Gene Ahearn says

    Mayor Garcetti says protesters get $1000/each. Report to your the mayors office for further details.

  14. Marky Mark Japan says

    Can't they just be wounded instead

  15. Dragon-Lord Ember says

    America, you're not you when you're hungry. Eat a Snicker's.

  16. El Compa Ish says

    Curfew is violating our rights even more https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/1206/curfews

  17. Jolliebearfor Christ says


  18. Lee Jones says

    This. It’s needs some Charles Bronson. Death Wish.

  19. John La Monte says

    Throw basketballs!

  20. gylion bakunawa says

    Where is the people who will shout out and rally for the innocent people who destroyed their business their property and been injured by these looter justice for the people who been victim by rallist robbers the looters

  21. Leah Kaige says

    Where are the arrested being taken? They cant keep all these people in any jail or prison that's apparently so over crowded they have to release some people early from. Covid 19 isn't an issue anymore? Hmmm…

  22. Herbert Fawcett says

    Protests were what was happening in the state capitols several weeks ago, not what is happening now!

  23. Lisa says

    i mean its during the day its usually peaceful

  24. dave coleman says

    how come they don't care about the blacks killed every year by their own race?

  25. SebastianAsian says

    We had Lockdown because of invisible virus going on. We have curfews now because of Human Virus. Get it???

  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-YIWpCL7ow
    This is peaceful demonstration by South Korean. You can change everything with non violations, I love American !! I love black American.

  27. judus peace says

    without peace and love, all man kind will not survive! and for way to long, police have brutalized the people they serve! those kind of cops, have not only failed of there dignity in being a police officer! they fail also at being peaceful and loving human being's !!!

  28. Wendy Wilson says

    I can't breath.

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