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East LA Youth Culture mini doc


  1. Evan Lechuga says

    Fucking rookies hah u all pry listen to rap or tyler the creator!!😅

  2. Stuart Miller says

    We visited L.A. last year on holiday from Scotland,UK last year…will be back in 2022….deffo doing east L.A. and seeing the real side of life..

  3. Alfredo Silva says

    We all know the ramones started this shit.

  4. Brandon Foster says

    Came here because of thumbnail nice looking girl!!

  5. OG Mackmizzle323 says

    Lol this is wack! Since there is no blacks in East LA they gotta listen to wack ass rock. Thank god im from south central, we listen to rap and still to this day rap is thriving unlike rocker shit!

  6. lilahdog 568 says


    Mexicans when the wall gets blown over by some wind: 0:07

  7. Armando Martinez says

    We have more options then to just be a paisa or a cholo remember that

  8. CC UNIT says

    Punk rock/ and "rockers were made by Americans not Brits, but ok.

  9. Kid Camacho says

    What's up with all this frustration and anger.

  10. Michelle Lopez says

    I just turned 30 in March😭😭😭 I grew up in So Cal, between OC and Corona to be exact, was a chola punk back in the day. My 14 year old brother doesnt even know what a greaser is😭😭 I wonder if it's a good thing or bad thing lol

  11. Jacob Flores says

    That car shop belongs to Richie Valles. It’s on victory Blvd. that’s a long way from east los

  12. Neptunes Ballz says

    That girl in the suicidal hat is way too pretty to be in a mosh pit. She should be a profession model with that face.

  13. Ram Alejandro says

    I have a portrait of that girl on my arm actually.

  14. Bruto Nano says

    What beautiful rendition of Strawberry Fields and sweet voice, can anyone guide me to this band to download this track? Orale.

  15. Tudor Miller says

    WTF ? So what happened to South Central Riot Squad ?

  16. NRichie says

    At the end of the day they're all conformists even tho I love east l.a. but seriously once you subscribe to some ideals that aren't your own you lose your own identity

  17. L.A DODGER says

    6:25 where in L.A. was she riding her bike?

  18. L.A DODGER says

    Is L.A. punk scene still active?

  19. Salvador Perez says


  20. INDIGNEOUS chupacabra says

    Bre I just found out that hardcore rock is related to gang shit demonic at the same time.

  21. Lucio Lynx says

    Mi Raza ese

  22. Arcane iconoclast says

    Gang banging is coming back, period.

  23. TheJuice says

    Josuke higashikata would be proud.

  24. WorldInFlamesAgain says

    Show what you do, make a break, make a move.

  25. Fidel Barba says

    My mexican raza! Greetings from Jalisco México and Texas.

  26. Leah Araiza says


  27. foos don't cry says

    Shiiit I wanna live in East LA

  28. enrosale says

    Wow .. this was one of the best documentary I’ve ever seen… I also love the different cultures and styles . Thank you

  29. Serio 13 says

    What’s the biggest Mexican groups in East LA ???

  30. skull souljah says

    Hip hop, Greasers, Punks and Emos unite!

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