1. Excellent tour! I've already been along this coast several times, but your video has rekindled my desire to go there again and visit some of the spots you recommended.

  2. I've been to Big Sur once, but didn't get to spend as much time there. I'm planning to go again in April. I want to see McWay Falls again & spend more time just watching it. Also, the first time I went there, there was a couple in my picture which annoyed me a lot because no one is supposed to go down there but some people can't simply follow rules. There's a reason they don't allow people down there.

  3. Thinking about doing a 2-6 person wedding here. Which stop would you recommend and why?

  4. @California through my lens CORRECTION
    At McWay Falls also known to US LocaLs as NOMcWay falls There is a way down to those falls it’s at the opposite end of that trail and there’s a little fence that you have to circumvent no big deal and you walk down this path by your little ranger station with some tents you get some really amazing pictures from the other side of that mountain on the left that you cannot see at all from your trip down that little path and eventually you can see how you could walk all the way down to the Falls.

  5. Big Sur reminder; A Mountain Lion is a cat that can jump a school bus …….the long way!! Keep that in mind! DD

  6. I would suggest a stop at BigSur Bakery for the most delicious organic food in this world, and a glass of wine. The Big Sur homemade honey has made me a lover of honey now – a must purchase too.

  7. I really enjoy all your guys videos and there so informative thank you guys for all you do keep up the good work.

  8. For those of you interested, the films THE SANDPIPER (1965) with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and ZANDY’S BRIDE (1974) with Liv Ullmann and Gene Hackman shot virtually all exterior shots in the Big Sur area. A bit further down the coast at Los Osos, Walt Disney Productions shot PETE’S DRAGON with Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney. Unfortunately that magnificent lighthouse set was torn down when the film was completed. It was a practical set and not a front, so it could have been left standing. But it was removed for environmental reasons when the film completed in 1976.

  9. Also, some of the pull outs have ropes and ladders that help you get down to the rocky coast. It's like a hidden path, unmarked, an absolute true adventure.

  10. I am determined to find a way to get to McWay Falls!!!!!!!! There must be a way.

  11. I've live here all my life but can never get enough of big sur…I find myself out here every chance I get…

  12. I’ve been on that beautiful highway a few times and it is all spectacular. Nice video! Thank you! 👏🏼

  13. I am planning my visit to United States next summer as the primary destination is California along with Nevada and Arizona, this video is good for a research.

  14. I LOVE BIG SUR!!!

    When I lived in Silicon Valley, I used to cruise it all the time. I went with Stanford Outing Club to Sykes Hot Springs, which is a 12 mile hike into the mountains. I also would go to Eselen Hot Springs from 1am – 5am; in the 80s, it only cost $5. You sat in a rock tub overlooking the ocean while looking at shooting stars. I have pictures of it with snow in the mountains, and I understand you can see the sun set below Bixby Bridge if you stand in the right spot.

    I have eaten at Nepenthe's. I read an article that a woman danced with a man in a mysterious black cape on the deck by firelight. I'm still hoping to do that someday – or maybe I could be a mysterious woman in a black cape dancing with a young hottie…

    P.S. I understand Nepenthe's was Rita Hayworth's honeymoon suite!

  15. You mean One can not get down to the beach or may not get down to the beach next to Mc Way falls?
    Challenge axxepppted

  16. It really gorgeous on a motorcycle….but Dang it's so cold. .. nice to stop for a while just to warm up..

  17. The last thing we need is more advertising.Tourism is destroying everything.

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