Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. CALIFORNIA. 1972 says

    Hy , do you speak Italian ?

  2. Hanna Yoon says

    About the left turn thing: Sometimes people do take reckless turns and go when they shouldn't! But you should also know that we are taught even in driving school TO turn left during the yellow! The rule of thumb is that 2 cars can turn during the yellow-to-red exchange and 3 if it's a huge intersection. Cops will not pull you over for this as long as you did start turning on the yellow because there were too many opposing cars during the green light. This is what we're taught driving in LA!!

    (Tbh none of this may be in legal handbook or whatever but it is the way traffic goes haha)

  3. limeyprat says


    Her "insight" on LA neighborhoods was accurate in 1996.  All of those neighborhoods are not worth it.

    I agree on 1 thing, sub-lease when you move to LA.

    Mostly, ignore everything she said. Get a car, sub-lease a place in Van Nuys and find out what "LA" is for you. Her advice is terrible.

    In 2021 a 1-2 hour commute to work is going to be common and you won't be able to "walk" as a lifestyle. She owns a damn Tesla. Depending on where you grew up you will find a part of LA or Orange County that feels comfortable for you as you get a dead-end job as a waiter and never become an actor.

    I'm not "bitter". I've watched way too many people waste their lives "making it big" while I was the only person at a company who grew up here. Don't believe me?

    Move to LA and every job you take… ask "who grew up here". It will be comical to realize that 99% of your coworkers moved to LA.

  4. powergirl says

    Shelby: Are you really serious? People are really moving to LA? Whoa, they want to be homeless or something?

  5. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy says


  6. the terminator says

    I have moved to Rurals from LA, it is very quite, peaceful and I have purchased agricultural land too.

  7. Georgia Overdrive says

    LA definitely needs some rent control. Like, Jesus Christ!

  8. Jenny Blakely says

    This is super informative thank you

  9. Charse Clement says

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  10. Yavan B says

    Can someone do a REAL “LA” video 😂😂😂

  11. Toby Fairchild says

    Very informative and well put together. Thank you. I’ve been out to CA & LA a dozen or so times but I really know nothing about it. As a touring musician I rarely get to take in a lot of the places to which I travel

  12. Leonel Jaramillo says

    The amount of “from out of town” white privilege I hear… “yeah, some people think that gentrification of SilverLake is bad, so, you know, just wanted to put that out there.” Agh, seriously?

  13. ryan barker says

    if you voluntarily move there then you're dealing with people who can't be told anything….

  14. James Holder says

    And now thousands of people are LEAVING LA

  15. scottjet says

    is that really how you hold your steering wheel???

  16. harryskittyz says

    My sis just moved to LA and the traffic light thing is true!!! Someone honked at us bc she's not aggressive enough!
    LA really is not what it seems and it's super sad. The homeless population, the trashy highways, the TRAFFIC AT 2PM FOR NO REASON. It's nice to vacation here, but living there is just too depressing, even if u have money. I just don't like to see people struggling.

  17. Julia Mecucci says

    literally my dream. what can i do to move to the us? im almost 18 and i even havent finished school yet so is there a chance for me to move there in the next few years? i have no idea of what am i gonna do in the future and im not rich so pls help me, gimme some advices or sum 😩😩😩😩

  18. Ben Torres says

    Lived in LA for college and loved it wanted, to retire in Santa Monica. Now that I have kids I couldn’t imagine doing that. Also the homeless population seemed to increase in areas I used to enjoy.

  19. sayjai bao says

    Shelby, the great Exodus out of New York is happening during Pandemic and half of those ppl moving to LA.

  20. Allen Sa says

    One of the worst city to live🤮🤮🤮i hope i can move out asap

  21. Colleen Kelly says

    People should consider moving to the Inland Empire its more affordable and close enough to the LA area to be able to enjoy it and not have to pay the high prices of L.A.

  22. Eric Von Zipper says

    There is only one thing you need to know before moving to LA…..Do not move there!

  23. zuhzzz1 says

    I’m glad I never moved to California

  24. The Dharmodaya Show says

    Who in their right mind would want to move to LA with all the homelessness etc? You couldn't pay me to move there.

  25. MDizzy says

    I'm seeing a LOT of for rent signs tho

  26. Tyler Durden says

    No reason to watch the whole video as there is not enough money to get me to live in that hellhole known as Los Angeles.

  27. Chelsea Jellison says

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  28. Ming Ye says

    Great insightful advice! The come and experience, but don’t make it permanent perspective can be broadly applied when trying to make a big life decision… There’s nothing worse then to regret a bad decision.

  29. Tien Trinh says

    Anyways, when can I buy you sushi?

  30. aylmer666 says

    When I moved there I was also surprised that the beach water has zero visibility in it, and it’s only warm enough to swim in July-September. Also every year there’s usually a nasty heat wave around early September and very few older apartments have Air Conditioning (or heating for that matter). Another thing; you’ll probably never see celebrities out and about except maybe in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, or around the airport. The best neighborhoods I think are the South Beach but they are very inaccessible and Torrance gets cruddy once you go inland. PV I think was the nicest spot in town with lovely weather and very safe feeling for those who can afford it. Oh yes, one last tip; don’t drive around the docks in Long Beach! It’s actually mostly private property and cops will bust you. It’s not like in the movies where you can just drive up to where the boats are.

  31. Los Angeles: named Los Santos in gta
    Gta Players: "Its Expinsive Real Estate."

  32. Coco Chanel says

    Yep… That's what I did moved from Texas to Santa Ana/Orange County CA.. what a FK'D UP Place to live..

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