Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. J F says

    Les go San Diego

  2. Ninja Tony says

    Car insurance in California is actually not even in the top 5 highest in the US. You’d be surprised.

  3. Brittney J says

    So why do u live in LA then 🤔

  4. Liam Rebb says

    i want to be an actor so i need to move here

  5. LT-21 says

    This is piss compared to Melbourne, AUS

  6. Geh Memories says

    you are so charming

  7. Charse Clement says

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  8. Ok So Basically, am Potato says

    who shares a one bedroom apartment/studio with roommates….

  9. #cRinGe says

    LA ASS. there. That’s the vid 😀

  10. Adam Seal says

    Oh the entitlement of you goddamn millennials. LA used to be the greatest city back in the 90s and even the early 2000 ‘s. But then you all just messed it up drove up all the prices because your mommy and daddy‘s gave you anything you wanted and you’re so entitled that you feel you’re owed. I hope people leave LA I hope we can get back to the way things were back in the 90s. Grow up kids LA is no place for you to get a Participation trophy.

  11. zoda says

    *Girl complains about supply and demand*

  12. Purple says

    She's just mad because she couldn't move to la

  13. Purple says

    Very misleading. People who believed this are very high simps lol

  14. 420 review says

    The cunty people really cunty twats

  15. Leonel Jaramillo says

    The people that she describes ARE the people that move here, not the LA natives. I’m conflicted because this video is critical of LA, but a lot of the “cons” she mentions (traffic, douche bags, high rent) is BECAUSE of people from other states moving here, and they’re legit. So I kind of want to like this to discourage people from moving here…

  16. Samuel Montgomery says

    It’s like 600 reasons in 2020

  17. ryan barker says

    a 100 dates before finding a boyfriend, huh? that's a whole lot of jerry springer right there.

  18. randy patta says

    You have tought me now

  19. orlander robinson says

    That’s why I’m moving to New York when I become an adult I just moved to LA from Chicago and I miss being in Chicago but my mom was tired of the cold weather

  20. dranamane says

    Please do not move to LA. We crowded. Thank you

  21. Builderman plays2020 says

    aw I like Los Angeles

  22. Lucas Mossman says

    lmao so many pissed of LA people in the comments

  23. Lexyndash says

    Cali is 💩of the 💩

  24. Geoann Progress says

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  25. Chelsea Jellison says

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  26. ben dover says

    I wanna live somewhere in Arizona idk

  27. Dr. Radhe Babu Singh says

    The bigger your dream is…the bigger you have to sacrifice for it…🔥

  28. kawtar korina says

    I hate my contry cause there is no chances for me my dream is LA but god damn this makes my contry heaveon compared to this i mean we have everything cheap in here rent for a bachelor is max 500dollars

  29. Mysterium Universum says

    People who hate LA are the people who can't afford to live in LA and EVERYONE knows it! If you had the cash you would move to BelAir or Beverly Hills in a heartbeat, don't even fucking lie. You people are so transparent! And the only people leaving are the ones who are retiring. Just as many people move in as move out that is why our housing market is amazing. My home is worth twice what I paid for. Jealous??? YES YOU ARE!!!

  30. Roshon Dodson says

    Some of this is true But some over exaggerated # native Californian

  31. Maria bennani says

    Lmao not me right now watchin this after mom planin to buy a house in LA movin from italia to america , the comments gaves me anxiety bruh

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