1. "One of the original farmers' markets"
    Yeah man that's gonna offend a lot of Americans. There are way more than some corporate branded crap.

  2. The museum of death, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the Disney Opera are really nice too. Also don't forget the Griffith Observatory. The Warner Bros studios are really cool, too

  3. So they say that California is the "sunshine state". Rains only about a few days a year. I visited San Jose and Los Angeles in 2004, and it rained every day, all day except one. The second day we were in San Jose it was just pouring buckets and storming. We didn't even leave the hotel. Thank goodness they had free HBO, and a pizza place across the street!That's just my type of luck, though. LOL

  4. one of my favorite features of the classic movie palaces are the theatre organs. I have enjoyed the one in the Castro Theater in San Francisco

  5. I live in Southern California, and love Los Angeles! That city is my heartbeat. I'm originally from Chicago Illinois, and went to college in Illinois, but in 2006 I did a film studies semester in Los Angeles and while I was there I lived within walking distance of the Grove and the Farmers Market, and would drive past Hollywood and Highland on the way to and from my internship at the animated TV show King of the Hill in North Hollywood. I've been to most of the places you mentioned (I love Venice Beach, Olvera Street, Hollywood, Little Tokyo, and the Grove), but there are a few I haven't checked out yet that I would love to visit–The Last Bookstore and The Broad Museum especially caught my eye. I'm going to have to visit them sometime soon.

    I also have a few recommendations for you for the next time you're in the Greater Los Angeles area / Southern California 😁:

    Huntington Library: the gardens and art galleries there are very beautiful.

    The Getty Center

    The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena

    Laguna Beach: I like poking around in the tide pools, and if you happen to be there in July or August you can check out the Festival of Arts and/or Pageant of the Masters

    Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California. Not sure if you're a guy who enjoys the spa at all, but Glen Ivy has such a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. It's a little far from Los Angeles–about an hour-and-a-half drive away–but it is one of my all-time favorite places in Southern California.

  6. Where are all the right wing Limbaugh wackos who loves to hate anything California.

  7. Although I don't understand much English, I would like you to put Substitute in Spanish to understand more and Good Video

  8. Thank you for mentioning Pokinometry! I currently work there and I totally wasn't expecting you to mention us at all! Its feels awesome and nice knowing that you enjoy the food we serve! Especially to me. I'm a big fan of your channel!

    Edit: I didn't realize you mentioned us in one of your other videos, "15 places to eat in LA" 😅

  9. Egg slut was ono so was the pbj. Thanks for this review now I know where else to check out when I go in January

  10. Ignore the haters, Shinichi! You like what you like, and that's fine. L.A. can be an amazing city. I LOVE BOOKSTORES, especially mom and pop ones.

  11. I loved seeing my hometown through your eyes. You really did a splendid job of capturing LA! I miss you both and hope you'll visit us again very soon.

  12. Don't worry about not swimming. I can swim but I never do at the beach. It's been so ;omg since I have been to LA, 22 years ago. And we didn't see much. It was only the start point for a trip around the West part of the US.

  13. I live in California but I find nothing interesting. I love Japan there is more there and such amazing people 🙂

  14. Thanks great commentary and video. You guys seem like a fun pair!! I’m off to the farmers market now!!

  15. You told viewers u r 53, how's even it possible? Nah … I don't think u look like Jackie chan, he's my favourite artists. Los Angeles good hangout for lgbt yup.

  16. While our politicians are not perfect in LA is still one of the most interesting place and California definitely with the diversity of people.

  17. There's acdtually a 4th Japantown in California now. It's… also in LA, but we call it "Little Osaka."
    Otherwise, as a local, I agree with your list. Very well put together (:

  18. Nice vid shinichi!!!! Love the old style buildings too and the graffiti too!!!! 😎

  19. There are many places to see in Los Angeles especially you are a foreigner, such as UCLA and Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Dr, USC and Coliseum, Queen Mary and Long Beach, and last the most famous Disneyland and California Adventure Park.

  20. since you were at the Chinese theater how could you not mention the footprints and handprints in the cement in front of the theater. also Santa Monica and Venice though they are close to Los Angeles are both separate cities. If you're in the Los Angeles area and have the time make sure you visit Disneyland in Anaheim.

  21. Cool video, wonderful weather in Los Angeles, good seeing you and Laurence over there 🙂

  22. Downtown Los Angeles is a safe place to visit as long as you do it during the daytime. Certain areas of downtown LA could be a risky place to be at night.

  23. 10 things to avoid in Los Angeles:

    1. Avoid the continued fires

    2. Bring your back up generator to avoid loss of electricity.

    3.When walking on sidewalks avoid human feces.

    4.When walking outside look up in the sky and take a deep breath in as you breath the wonderful chem trails.

    5.when driving in Los Angeles and at a stop light avoid getting carjacked!

    6.when fueling at a service station be calm as when you fill up you will have to rush to the bank and get a debt base loan for it!

    7.When staying in a hotel in Los Angeles make sure you hook up an alarm system to avoid getting robbed!

    8. When crossing the street in Los Angeles look both ways to avoid being run over!

    9. When walking on the streets of LOS Angeles avoid tripping over a tent as it could be life hazardous!

    10. When going to a convenance store you will have trouble communicating to the cashier so that’s where self service comes in.

  24. You guys hit up alot of LA COUNTY and never touched L.A the city .. I remember someone saying something about not having authentic Mexican food .. Bro this is Authentic Mexicans land .. maybe try a street taco or hit up a Burger stand like Tams or Louis. Hell I'll even take the original Tommy's. Great video tho

  25. Hola chicos cómo estáis saludos yo también estuve en todos esos sitios por qué tengo una hermana qué vive en Venice está Casada con un americano y llevá muchos años allí espero qué lo pasaseis también cómo lo pasé yo seguramente volveré en 2020 bueno asta la próxima GUAPOS ✌😀✌😘😘😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋😋😋👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  26. i've been watching your videos for a long time and always enjoyed them. Recently it seems all the videos are based overseas, although they are cool to watch, i much prefer videos done about japan instead.

  27. My step mom and step brother used to live near The Grove and seeing it again in this video brought back memories of when I was visiting them we would wake up early every morning to walk around there and then we'd grab breakfast at the farmer's market. Good times. Great video. 🙂

  28. Oh my gosh, when I lived in California, I use to go to the original farmer's market, universal studios, little toyko. So many places I loved going to when I lived there. I want to go visit this next year and meet up with your moderator Mindy's Mom, and visit my sisters as well and hopefully see some of those places. Love Santa Monica pier, and venice beach, and China Town as well. Wow, you brought back so many memories with this video, thank you so much Shinichi and Laurence.

  29. Yeah, I love the urban sprawl and extreme negative impact on the environment. Great!

  30. Hi boys!

    What amazing places! I’ve lived here since 1978, and honestly, have not visited many of the places that you guys visited. Thank you for taking the time, to show us around! This was so much fun to watch!

  31. I live in LA and agree with all of your suggestions! Good job! And people shouldn’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path, you never know what treasures you’ll find.

  32. Hi guys, viewers, friends from California, how I miss LA and you all! Need to go back. Laurence

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